Monthly Archives: February 2012

Our rent house in Little Rock is now on the market and we spent
part of the weekend and Monday getting the house “show ready”.
You know, cleaning baseboards, scrubbing all the corners,
de-harshwater staining the shower…
the not-so-weekly usuals.

It’s hard to imagine what preparing for a house that we OWN
to go on the market will be like …
I tend to be a bit of an over-preparer / worry wort about
getting the house ready for a friend to stop by let alone a bunch of
judgmental eyes seeing our “home” as “the property” for the first time!

So, after the “Hillcrest realtor tour” we learned just how many people
had stopped by  to check out the new property on the block.
I opened the door to this MOUND of business cards strewn across  the coffee table!
Holy cow, if you’re in need of a realtor in the Little Rock area
just let me know; we may have a few options for you!


So, hubby Shane and I decided to start a blog to keep up with our family as our new family grows!
Great idea, right?!?!!?
That’s what we thought!
Wow! getting started was a lot harder than I thought though.
I always thought I was goodish with computers but tackling setting up a blog…
Is TOUGH!! if you don’t know much about internet/programing lingo watch out : )
So now that we finally have a blog started we’ll work on what to talk about…
for now, we’ll be random and update you peeps on what’s happening in our blossoming family

Hope this is fun and enjoyable for all of us!

Shane and I at our country chic wedding